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doghouse / собачья конура
имя существительное
собачья конура
doghouse, kennel, dog-hole
имя существительное
a dog's kennel.
The organization has spent well over a quarter of a million dollars to improve the facilities, build and deliver doghouses for animals left outside in all weather.
But most dogs seem to appreciate having a shelter of their own, such as a doghouse .
Living space does not include a structure, such as a doghouse , in which an animal is not confined, or a cage, crate, or other structure in which the animal is temporarily confined.
The next morning, Billy makes a doghouse for his pups.
It's about this big, and it shows the cartoon dog on top of the doghouse lying there, and his owner standing next to him with a little bowl of food.
I once knew an Episcopalian lady in Newport, Rhode Island, who asked me to design and build a doghouse for her Great Dane.
I regard organized religion in much the same way a turtle regards a doghouse - I'm pretty well covered, thank you, so let's just keep ignoring each other.
Finally, Nicholas packed all his stuff inside the doghouse he bought and handed Kathleen the puppy to carry while he carried their things.
Many of the 125 new items will help your new pets feel right at home, including a doghouse , birdcage and litter box.
Bray, their beagle, was tied to a doghouse nearby.
He motioned to a part of the stall where hay blanketed the floor and a cozy doghouse resided in the corner.