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doggy / собачка, песик, собачонка
имя существительное
dog, doggy, pawl, doggie, trigger, detent
doggie, doggy
mutt, doggie, doggy
имя прилагательное
canine, doggy, doggie, doggish
любящий собак
имя существительное
a child's word for a dog.
They don't bark or threaten anyone who comes close to the truck, unless that person is stupid enough to put their arm inside the truck ‘to pet the doggies .’
имя прилагательное
of or like a dog.
his doggy brown eyes
Because of this disappointing doggy drop-out rate, packs of canines must be trained to yield a single seeing-eye dog.
We had a fright six months ago, when we thought he had cancer, but it turned out to be a rare doggy form of malaria he'd picked up in France.
Using their doggy database, geneticists will soon have a blueprint they hope will allow ‘imperfections’ in dogs' DNA to be ironed out.
That constitutes a very successful doggy life in my book.
We told him he was going to Doggyfest and he was excited to see his doggy friends.
At the Spring Fair, there will be many attractions, (besides the dogs,) including stalls selling doggy objects, bric-a-brac, cakes, plus face painting, tombola and raffles.
One in four respondents wanted to rid doggy smells from their car.
I mean, he's cute and all that, a fat little ball of fur waddling about, but his doggy IQ leaves a bit to be desired.
I miss his little doggy nose, his floppy ears, and his teeny head.
These would be connected via satellite to a central database of doggy DNA.