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doggerel / вирши, скверные стихи, плохие стихи
имя существительное
verses, doggerel
скверные стихи
плохие стихи
имя прилагательное
gangling, ungainly, gawky, gangly, unwieldy, doggerel
имя существительное
comic verse composed in irregular rhythm.
All the performers wore cloth caps, in token of the proletarian poet whose doggerel verses about the Tay Bridge and its collapse in 1879 provided the work's text.
I have stupidly bragged that I could turn out some doggerel about anything; given the time.
Their cries and shouting broke their doggerel rhythm into a chaos of shouts in which the words Truth and Rupert were most prominent.
The album's lyrics are not even good enough to be complimented as doggerel , more Neil Lennon than John Lennon.
At that time the eighteen-year-old Victoria's feminine virules of sympathy and beauty were proclaimed in doggerel verse to the street ballad-reading public.
A chemist, vet, optician, insurance agent and professional shutterbug, Samuel was known for his rhyming doggerel which was often published in the newspaper.
doggerel verses
His education at Gonzaga ranged from the classics to Irish doggerel and limericks, which he could quote appropriately with astonishing effect.
Before Ali left, he'd hugged and kissed them all and made up an original piece of doggerel for each.
The first is the doggerel speech/beach rhyme - which says the poem will be foolish and has us lower our guard.
She wrote well and often corresponded with friends in doggerel verse.