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dogfight / воздушный бой, рукопашный бой, свалка
имя существительное
воздушный бой
dogfight, air fight
рукопашный бой
dogfight, hand-to-hand fighting
dump, scramble, melee, scrimmage, rubbish dump, dogfight
имя существительное
a close combat between military aircraft.
In time, they battled over trenches in World War I, engaged in dogfights with other aircraft, attacked ground troops and disrupted enemy activity near the front lines.
engage in a dogfight.
resplendent model airplanes dogfighting in the updrafts
Recent good work by the team looked light years away and they have now got themselves embroiled in a dogfight that they might struggle to win.
US pilots, having overwhelming numbers, then shot down one of the two remaining aircraft when Nowotny's engines malfunctioned during the dogfight .
According to stockbrokers, the group has emerged from last year's dogfight over supermarket contract renewals in ‘pretty good shape’.
In a dogfight near Venlo in The Netherlands, his Spitfire was hit but he still shot down a Messerschmitt.
A right, auld political dogfight is shaping up in the town and surrounds as local election activity starts to step up a gear.
Let's leave politicians to their boring old dogfight and put ourselves on centre stage.
That's when qualifiers from the 14 regional venues will join the exempted players in a 36-hole dogfight over four courses for a coveted place in the starting line-up on Thursday week.
As everyone recognises, the rebuilding of New Orleans and the rest of the afflicted Gulf region will be an epic political dogfight .
A sequence of photos depicting an organised dogfight is gruesome and disgustingly effective, dog's scarred faces contrasting with the pixelised faces of their censored owners.
It survived by the skin of its teeth in the first season and, in the second, Richmond invested heavily in talent to prevent another dogfight .