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dog-tired / измотавшийся, усталый как собака
имя прилагательное
beat, dog-tired
усталый как собака
dog-tired, dog-weary
имя прилагательное
extremely tired; worn out.
he'd gone to bed dog-tired
Three firefighters from Brookyln had just done 24 hours of it and now they were sitting dog-tired among the trash and weeds on the central reservation of the cordoned-off West Side Highway.
By the time it was dusk, we had dragged our dog-tired selves back to our chalet, where we had called in pizza.
I groaned, realising that although I was dog-tired , I couldn't get back to sleep.
After a dozen years of school life, they usually end up dog-tired and exhausted, not knowing whether they have acquired anything worthwhile.
But when you're sitting in a chair, dog-tired , and it's warm, you're going to want to fall asleep.
Eventually, dog-tired and feeling somewhat mentally and emotionally frazzled, I crawled off to bed around five o'clock in the morning.
It was close to midnight by the time we ate, and although dog-tired we were exulted by the success of the last two days and chatted cheerily over dinner.
So I've been going out nightly even though I'm dog-tired .
We're all going to be dog-tired come Sunday, and it's our biggest day.
The great players that you were hoping would shine in the competition looked absolutely dog-tired and Greece - to their eternal credit - took advantage of all that.