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dog-eared / с загнутыми уголками страниц
имя прилагательное
с загнутыми уголками страниц
fold down the corner of (a book or magazine), typically to mark a place.
I change seats and sit next to woman wearing a good bottle-and-a-half of horrid perfume, reading a magazine and dog-earing pages.
имя прилагательное
(of an object made from paper) with the corners worn or battered with use.
One might wonder why someone would go nosing around a musty corner to buy an old dog-eared book instead of buying crisp, gleaming copies.
He placed all three mugs on the laminate table top, along with three hideously chocolatey muffins and a shabby looking flyer, dog-eared and yellow.
Her school books would be worth nothing, or at least close to nothing at a pawn shop - too many ripped and dog-eared corners.
It was a worn book, pages dog-eared , and edges faded.
He was reading a dog-eared Raymond Chandler paperback instead of the anatomy text he planned to study.
It was tattered and dog-eared , and its margins bore notes in my mother's girlish hand.
It was torn along the bottom, and dog-eared at the corners.
Let's go back to reading recipes in food-stained, dog-eared paperback books instead.
Beside the bed was a stack of worn books, dog-eared and creased.
No matter how ratty or dog-eared or water-stained the book, it will find a happy home with me, at least temporarily.