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doer / деятель, исполнитель, созидатель
имя существительное
doer, actor, personality, agent
executor, performer, doer, implementer, executant, exponent
имя существительное
the person who does something.
the doer of the action
‘I'm a doer , an action man, and it's not within my nature to sit back and be a follower,’ he said.
He yearns to be a doer of good, rather than a do-gooder.
An idealist tempered by realism, Holland was a doer , not a doubter.
Justice permits the doer of evil to be held accountable for every iota of harm that ensues as a result of the evil act, and that reckoning can be terrible indeed.
She was the doer in the family; her husband, the pontificator.
Her reputation as a doer and a getter-of-things-done has been damaged by her misjudgement of the repeal of Clause 28.
He did so because he is seen as a doer , a man who will go out there and represent you to the very best of his ability.
So when someone does something or has something done to them, six times out of ten I know the doer and or the done/to.
I'm a doer, not a moaner
the doer of the action