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dodgy / хитроумный, изворотливый, нечестный
имя прилагательное
dodgy, catchy, Daedalian, Daedalean, Machiavellian, versute
dodgy, shifty
dishonest, unfair, foul, crooked, dirty, dodgy
имя прилагательное
dishonest or unreliable.
a dodgy secondhand car salesman
Car hire companies cannot afford to send out a car with dodgy brakes or a low oil level.
It was an old double-decker with a real dodgy paint job, as if done by a bunch of kids on day release.
Is that the dodgy stuff I was using that I meant to throw away and never did - or is it that really good stuff I spooled up last month?
I affected my dodgy fake Irish accent and got chatting to a group of Canberra Uni students.
He also evened out dodgy quality by blending wines grown in differing microclimates within Champagne and across both hot and cold vintages.
"I thought there was something dodgy going on," she said.
It's all great stuff, despite the dodgy quality of the audio and video.
And sadly, this means I have only my dodgy recollection to double check my account with.
Now I knew an ingredient may be dodgy and no matter how good or bad the meal tasted, I was going to dwell on the fact it was irrevocably, Old Lard.
Nothing fazes him, least of all his dodgy heart, which he considers merely a blip on a perfect landscape.