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dodgem / электрический автомобильчик
имя существительное
электрический автомобильчик
Before the invention of the steam generator, when the dodgem and the chair-o-plane were but distant rumbles in the future, this is what we did for a fun day out.
I remember being about six and my dad letting me steer our dodgem .
Driving the thing is marginally more complicated, but will not test the aptitude of anyone who has ever sat in a dodgem .
Pop music blares as dodgem cars slam into each other and a gaggle of teenage girls in pink fur haloes giggles its way up sideshow alley.
My younger brother, Chris, was a little too determined to win at all costs and received the dreaded black flag for confusing go-karting and the dodgems .
Cars seem to come from all directions, switching lanes like dodgem cars and it's not just cars but bicycles and scooters too.
The one-acre attraction, which will be for youngsters aged nine and under, will also have roundabouts, dodgems , go-karts and a small train running round the site.
To Dave it was all magic, a big adventure as he drove a dodgem car by himself for the first time, three minutes with crackling Top 40 tunes and a proud grin on his face.
They whooped on the big wheel and crashed into each other on the dodgems .
Screams of joy came from dodgems to the left of me.