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doddery / трясущийся, дрожащий, глупый
имя прилагательное
shaky, doddering, tottery, quaking, doddery, quaky
quivering, shaky, quavering, tremulous, quaking, doddery
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, doddery
‘Baby-boomers want to be presented as something other than doddery old senior citizens,’ he says.
The bus detoured off the arterial road to visit a huge new superstore, picking up a doddery old man who shuffled slowly to the nearest seat.
These people don't fit the danger-driver stereotype - they aren't boy racers or doddery old dears who go everywhere in third gear.
Much of this book resembles a retirement home for the doddery old clichés of magic realism.
In front of him, a doddery old geezer with a walking stick stepped out in the road.
We sounded pretty good for a bunch of doddery old men.
The difference is that now they have weak-kneed, wobbly, doddery leadership and they are falling over.
I'd quite like to do it before I get too doddery and old to remember it all!
I saw him described in the press as a doddery old man, and someone in the last stages of senility.
At seventy-five, Davidson did not seem remotely doddery .