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documentation / документация, подтверждение документами, снабжение документами
имя существительное
documentation, records
подтверждение документами
снабжение документами
имя существительное
material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record.
you will have to complete the relevant documentation
the process of classifying and annotating texts, photographs, etc..
she arranged the collection and documentation of photographs
Make sure that you receive the proper documentation from your financial services provider.
In addition, there is detailed documentation available for implementation of a complex matching algorithm based on personality variables.
Considerable time was spent discussing the need for documentation in relation to the policy.
Formal documentation of song texts, music and dance is both crucial and illuminating.
If use is required during competition, the athlete should provide proper documentation .
Other free software comes with excellent documentation .
The paper trail, while not long, provides sufficient supporting documentation .
she arranged the collection and documentation of photographs
Apparently the key skills required are in programming and documentation , file editing and the ability to modify source code.
The R & D property, he says, includes prototypes and all documentation pertaining to a new product.