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doctrinal / относящийся к доктрине, содержащий доктрину
имя прилагательное
относящийся к доктрине
содержащий доктрину
имя прилагательное
concerned with a doctrine or doctrines.
doctrinal disputes
The doctrinal orthodoxy of the day was McCarthyism in its final, decaying phase.
‘It is not for a secular newspaper to comment on the doctrinal disputes of any religious faith’.
It seems that doctrinal conservatism, combined with modern techniques in evangelism, is the key to success here.
The reason something can be said to be right or wrong is because the Bible has laid out before us a moral and doctrinal standard that is clear.
He was certainly no British doctrinal conservative, looking to God, natural law, loyalty and duty.
This is a very important doctrinal change which concerns divorce and remarriage.
But then he grew old and ill, and as he declined his doctrinal conservatism seemed to come more and more to the forefront.
The doctrinal studies are concerned with establishing laws by proving them, some on the basis of others.
I hear that there is a crisis of biblical and doctrinal authority in the churches.
This doctrinal move conveniently advanced Europe's acquisition of sovereignty over African territory.