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doctrinaire / доктринерский
имя прилагательное
doctrinaire, peremptory, armchair
имя существительное
doctrinaire, doctrinarian, pedant
имя существительное
a person who seeks to impose a doctrine without regard to practical considerations.
His biographer has rightly called him a ‘southern nationalist’ and the ‘last of the doctrinaires of the Old South.’
имя прилагательное
seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations.
a doctrinaire conservative
In the 1950's and 1960's, Lincoln became increasingly rigid and doctrinaire , hostile to innovation and change, though no less influential.
The admission that past Americans harbored ambivalent and confusing attitudes about nature seems too untidy for the doctrinaire .
What advice do you have for conservative students taking non-science classes taught by doctrinaire liberals?
He complains that the phrase is ‘too doctrinaire .’
I don't think he is doctrinaire or ideological in any sense.
‘I was a social reformer and doctrinaire first, last, and all the time,’ he wrote.
It seems when push comes to shove, the doctrinaire retreat.
This was a monumental mistake, the kind only a doctrinaire can make.
He was very much a free thinker, who railed against any sort of doctrinaire approach to politics and problem solving.
It may have been written by a wildly doctrinaire author, whose ideas would be revealed as utterly left-field if placed in a context.