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doctorate / докторская степень, докторат
имя существительное
докторская степень
присуждать степень доктора
doctorate, doctor
имя существительное
the highest degree awarded by a graduate school or other approved educational organization.
a doctorate in Classics
His degree, a doctorate in audiology from a Florida university, followed two years of part time study.
a doctorate in art history
Earlier this year she was awarded a doctorate of letters from University of Limerick.
He worked under Menger's supervision on geometry and was awarded his doctorate in 1931.
The thesis was published at Jena in the same year that he was awarded his doctorate .
She was awarded a fellowship to study for her doctorate at Cornell University.
To this he added a clinical medical degree and a doctorate in neuroscience.
In 1914 Krylov was awarded a doctorate in applied mathematics from Moscow University.
a doctorate in Classics
In the following year he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Pisa.