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doctor / доктор, врач, эскулап
имя существительное
doctor, physician, doc, medico
doctor, physician, medic, medical man, medical adviser, hakeem
Aesculapius, doctor
treat, cure, doctor, nurse, vet
falsify, fake, adulterate, doctor, gerrymander, sophisticate
forge, fake, imitate, counterfeit, falsify, doctor
имя существительное
a qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.
It had resulted in asthma being the most common chronic illness treated by doctors in general practice.
an artificial fishing fly.
change the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to deceive; falsify.
the reports could have been doctored
treat (someone) medically.
he contemplated giving up doctoring
But the thing is, for a script doctor , the best thing in the world is a good idea with a terrible script.
This is the way he described working as a script doctor vs. writing his own stuff.
she's a doctor
A veterinary doctor attended on her, but the symptoms continued.
And like S. Ravindran Nair, retired veterinary doctor , most will stay rooted at home on Sunday.
I called the doctor
I recently injured my back playing hockey, and my doctor prescribed physical therapy.
My cat needs me to feed her, take her to the doctor , and open the door for her.
Ask your private doctor or hospital clinic physician for information as to how you can obtain a bone density test.
Contraception is normally supplied by your doctor or by the family planning clinic.