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docket / ярлык, список, надпись
имя существительное
label, tag, tab, ticket, stamp, docket
list, roster, schedule, register, roll, docket
inscription, lettering, legend, title, superscription, docket
делать надпись
маркировать этикетки
наклеивать этикетки
имя существительное
a calendar or list of cases for trial or people having cases pending.
With no judge in sight, prosecutors started summoning each person on the docket to a desk at the front of the room for a brief conference.
a document or label listing the contents of a package or delivery.
The health department is working with the British supermarket chain to introduce shopping dockets that contain the fat content and calorie information of the products being purchased.
enter (a case or suit) onto a list of those due to be heard.
the case will go to the Supreme Court, and may be docketed for the fall term
mark (goods or a package) with a document or label listing the contents.
When he bought the property, Mr Green ordered the building to be dismantled and all the woodwork was carefully docketed and numbered.
Then at the next meeting, the owners need to ask which things are still on the docket , not only from the previous meeting, but the one before that, and so on.
The Colombian and European racketeering cases were on the docket at federal district court in New York.
He found the Barnes judgment ‘remarkably similar’ to this case, in that it was simply not completed on the trial date due to overloading of a small trial docket .
This year they have no new reality shows on the docket .
When a question is certified, the Clerk will notify the parties and docket the case.
Normally, rescue is first on the docket for Navy teams.
The so-called enemy combatants have the next best thing to due process: a hearing on the docket in the Supreme Court of the United States.
Once it gets on the docket , it's usually a year from argument to decision, and, frankly, I think that's longer than we need to take.
Taney's citizenship ruling continued a practice to which a majority of the Court had been committed since slavery cases began making regular appearances on the docket in the early 1840s.
Global fairness is indeed on the docket for discussion, but now is the time for action.