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docker / докер, портовый рабочий
имя существительное
docker, dockworker, longshoreman
портовый рабочий
But, whatever the outcome, it is certain to have a huge impact on both the life of the docker and the future of their work at the port from thereon in.
The dockers stopped nearly all work at the port.
That, he said, would involve dockers and all other unionised workers in Belview Port.
When the stewards were sentenced to three months' imprisonment, the industrial action spread to include dockers , who closed the port of Belfast.
The dockers refused to load the ship and prevented it from sailing.
Around 10, 500 US dockers have been locked out of ports along the US West Coast for resisting the bosses' attacks.
The dockers known as longshoremen are part of this powerful and progressive union on the West Coast of the US.
They were mistrustful of the old labor hierarchy that had lost the power and will to improve the lives of rank-and-file dockers and sailors.
In 1919, dockers in the city of Seattle refused to load arms for use against the recent Russian Revolution.
He said that he was still concerned over the future of the jobs of dockers and others relying on ships coming into the harbour.