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dock / док, пристань, причал
имя существительное
pier, dock, jetty, wharf, landing stage, quayside
berth, pier, dock, quay, wharf, fast
dock, join
коротко стричь
имя существительное
a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored.
the gangplank was lowered to the dock
the solid bony or fleshy part of an animal's tail, excluding the hair.
Jason grabbed the towels and spread them at the dog's tail and dock .
the enclosure in a criminal court where a defendant is placed.
the nine others in the dock face a combination of charges
a coarse weed of temperate regions, with inconspicuous greenish or reddish flowers. The leaves are popularly used to relieve nettle stings.
This is rarer and is usually caused by weeds such as nettles and docks , late flowering plants and fungal spores.
(of a ship) tie up at a dock, especially in order to load or unload passengers or cargo.
the ship docked at San Francisco
deduct (something, especially an amount of money).
their wages are docked for public displays of affection
the gangplank was lowered to the dock
Allies of convenience that are well known to be guilty of egregious acts are now hauled into the dock as war criminals as soon as we have the chance.
On the waterfront, it overlooked the ferry dock with the barrier reef and Tahiti visible on the horizon.
the user wants to dock a portable into a desktop computer
Vegetables were not cultivated, but came in the form of wild carrots, turnip and garlic, along with salad leaves such as sorrel, nettle and dock .
dock workers
A thief had to empty his pockets out in the court dock to prove he was skint.
She sat on the old boat dock soaking up the sunshine, after almost a week of rain she was ready for some sun.
Ships, of course, need a place to dock , and passengers need to be processed.
The space shuttle will dock at the International Space Station.