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doc / доктор
имя существительное
doctor, physician, doc, medico
The alarming trend for desperate medical sector docs and surgeons to reduce waiting lists by doing non-urgent but easy procedures first is life threatening and wrong.
Japanese national health insurance is such that for each bill from the doc , you pay 30% and the government pays the rest.
The doc stared at the psychotic girl who was yammering away at him.
Its effects are minor, and no good pulmonary doc or allergist I know of would use it as a first-line controller.
Need I point out that they provided better health care than my current doc does?
Instead, you can ask your new doc all those teen health-related questions.
I attended a talk by a doc from the medical group just two days back.
Quick doc , my friend has just been bit by a black snake, what do I do?
There is no service option to talk to the doc covering your physician's practice on call.
If you take him to a psychiatrist and the doc wants to give him medication right off the bat, you can always turn around and go home.
Your first step is to get a physical by your family doc to make sure the symptoms aren't related to some other problem.