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doable / выполнимый
имя прилагательное
executable, feasible, doable, workable, implementable, manageable
имя прилагательное
within one's powers; feasible.
none of the jobs were fun, but they were doable
I'm told there are at least two reasons why such a hook-up would not have been doable .
It's doable with today's technology - and a few billion dollars.
Striving in a law-bound, seemingly rational universe made success more thinkable, possibly more doable .
The thing is, they offer thoughtful and doable alternatives worthy of serious attention.
Does this sound like a doable thing or am I hallucinating in a vastly different way from the rest of you folks?
Perhaps you've grown up thinking that setting realistic, doable goals is essential to success.
Due to these stupendous efforts, the Finance Committee can offer a realistic and doable budget for 2005.
He swiftly refused, saying he felt that my job was not doable .
That kind of technology is doable , if we put our minds to it.
All the above steps are politically doable and economically affordable.