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do-gooder / благодетель
имя существительное
benefactor, well-doer, do-gooder
имя существительное
a well-meaning but unrealistic or interfering philanthropist or reformer.
But if so, why should council do-gooders interfere?
Is there any limit at all on how far do-gooders are willing to dumb down our educational system in the name of helping students feel good about themselves?
Others speak of romantic pragmatism as a source of pride and comfort: ‘She had a do-good work ethic toward love.’
But if so, why should council do-gooders interfere?
All of these books contain the author staggering and swearing his way through the messes of socialism and do-goodery in our country and elsewhere.
This is bargain basement Nietzsche and Foucault, admixed with earnest American do-goodism , that still passes for ‘theory’ in much of the academy.
What right have these do-gooders to deny the bulk of the population good quality chicken at a price they can afford.
In conclusion, if the do-gooders want to do real good they should protest at pensioners being threatened with prison sentences for non-payment of council tax!
An image of wholesome do-goodery , of scrubbed cheeks and Norman Rockwell freshness, rose obediently in my mind.
Her voice took the lofty, righteous do-good tone that I hated so much.
If this seems like a jarring blend of dot-com-era excess and 1960s-style do-goodism , well, so be it.