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divulge / разглашать, разглашать тайну
divulge, publicize, noise, give publicity to, blaze, blaze abroad
разглашать тайну
make known (private or sensitive information).
I am too much of a gentleman to divulge her age
These firms are not allowed to divulge any information without either your permission or that of a spouse.
So far the executive agency of the Department of Health has said it does not divulge information about faults.
I am now at liberty to divulge the information that I am going to be a dad come mid-August.
She does not want to divulge any information regarding the nature of her speech in order to keep the curiosity alive.
I am too much of a gentleman to divulge her age
I am too much of a gentleman to divulge her age
Brushing this obviously significant divulgence aside, she surmised the unattainable brunette's history.
It's remarkable how much we're able to glean of this character through such little divulgence .
However, the health board has been criticised by anti-abortion campaigners for not divulging information about the case.
Consequently, the user divulges personal information, Berson said.