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division / разделение, дивизион, деление
имя существительное
separation, division, divide, partition, segregation, differentiation
division, squadron, battery
division, segmentation, degree
department, division, branch, desk, group, bureau
имя прилагательное
separating, dividing, parting, divisive, division, divisional
имя существительное
the action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated.
the division of the land into small fields
disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension or hostility.
a growing sense of division between north and south
the process or skill of dividing one number by another.
The work contains 11 chapters, one each on topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division , square roots and cube roots.
each of the parts into which something is divided.
the main divisions of the book
a partition that divides two groups or things.
the villagers lived in a communal building and there were no solid divisions between neighbors
Can you explain binary addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a non-complex manner?
In just four minutes the boom, like a wall, can be raised up from a 1.8 metre deep slot at the bed of the pool, creating a solid division .
To ask these questions is to begin to question how the whole of society operates and how its division into classes narrows and stultifies the lives of nearly everyone, both men and women.
they weren't happy with the division of duties
Suppose A can propose any division of $10 between A and B. B can accept or reject A's proposal.
Cell division and cell expansion are fundamental processes for growth and development of plant organs.
If enough teams apply, the second division will be split into a Conference North and South.
A further difficulty with explaining subtraction and division to children is that they are not always possible.
Today, it emerged that the burglary rate in the South Trafford police division dropped 59 per cent.
The book contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and, very surprisingly for that period, also division .