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divisible / делимый, делящийся без остатка
имя прилагательное
divisible, partible, dividual
делящийся без остатка
имя прилагательное
capable of being divided.
the marine environment is divisible into a number of areas
It becomes clear then that the relationships between plants and humans is such that plants as a whole are not obviously divisible into either wild or cultivated.
In other words, the tenant's estate was somehow divisible into two portions, only one of which was extinguished by the squatter's adverse possession.
Every fourth number is divisible by 4, so there won't be more than three in a row in this bin.
The question boils down to how many states are needed to test whether a certain number is divisible by another, given number.
According to the Geological Survey Team of Tibet, who surveyed the area and measured the studied section, the Juripu Formation is divisible into 12 units.
Lirabuccinum is divisible into two morphologic groups.
These clans are then divisible into subclans, smaller family groups called lineages, and diyah groups.
How can you tell whether a number is divisible by another number (leaving no remainder) without actually doing the division?
I think the term for payment being divisible into small particles is ‘frangibility’.
Zen schools are more or less divisible into those that emphasize a curriculum of verbal meditation objects - like koans - and those that do not.