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divinity / божественность, божество, богословие
имя существительное
divinity, deity, godhead
deity, divinity, god, godhead, idol, demigod
theology, divinity
имя существительное
the state or quality of being divine.
Christ's divinity
a fluffy, creamy candy made with stiffly beaten egg whites.
Then it's after dark and we're sitting next to Aunt Bee in the porch swing, eating divinity candy and drinking iced tea out of fruit jars.
He revolted from the Roman Church and by 1613-14 was again a Protestant, later becoming a doctor of divinity at Cambridge and chaplain to the king.
His love affair with The Stand began in 2000 when the comic came to Edinburgh to study divinity .
Having been an ordained pastor with a doctorate in divinity and a masters degree in biblical studies, he knew what had taken place.
He received his master of divinity degree from Moravian Theological Seminary in 1988 and was ordained that same year.
So that, actually, in India, Kali is the great divinity .
Despite the involvement of Freeman, not enough is made of his blessed divinity .
In its 44 years the Union has had as prime ministers three generals, one doctor of divinity and now a ‘mister’.
His life was for all, bringing everyone in his midst to purity, upliftment and divinity .
Indeed, when we attain higher consciousness through spiritual disciplines, we actually see or perceive divinity all around.
When I give a fellow an honorary doctor of divinity , it's just a little piece of paper.