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diving / дайвинг, ныряние, прыжки в воду
имя существительное
diving, dive, plunge, ducky, lunge, duck
прыжки в воду
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the sport or activity of swimming or exploring underwater.
Players do not have the option of diving down and exploring.
the sport or activity of diving into water from a diving board.
Critical input is high, too, at the synchronised diving .
plunge head first into water.
she walked to the deep end, then she dived in
(of an aircraft or bird) plunge steeply downward through the air.
the aircraft dove for the ground to avoid the attack
He said he would like to see more prominent signs warning people of the dangers of diving in the area.
Horseback riding, tennis, boating, and scuba diving are also available.
Recreational scuba diving has become very popular in the past 20 years.
to go diving
I have enjoyed the diving and the company wherever I have been in Ireland.
Acrobatic, exhilarating and captivating, yet full of grace and beauty, diving is the next big thing in sport, writes Anna Millar
The judging favored the American style of diving , a style placing as much importance on entry or finish of a dive as what was accomplished acrobatically in the air.
Often it's because every Premiership squad seems to be practising synchronized diving once a week.
He took up swimming and diving , and joined a marching band, but the lure of the stage beckoned.
But Justin made the team with the help of his brother in synchronized diving .