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divider / делитель, циркуль, ширма
имя существительное
divider, divisor, denominator, measure
compass, dividers, divider
screen, folding screen, cover, front, shield, divider
имя существительное
a person or thing that divides a whole into parts.
They feed on it because they would love to divide it and there are people like that I've always called the dividers .
a measuring compass, especially one with a screw for making fine adjustments.
The little kids did not like what we said and had their compasses and dividers out, ready to give us a poke so we scooted out.
I see a difference and I think it has basically to do with the abortion issue and the perception of the abortion issue as a divider .
The kitchen island is also a divider , separating the cooking area from the dining space without blocking sight lines.
As a postscript, I just find it interesting that the big theme seems to be that he is a divider .
It seems this last one is a real opinion divider .
During the presidential campaign, he vowed, ‘I'm a uniter, not a divider .’
The apparatus consisted of a cooler fitted with a screened divider separating ice and water.
on the Labour side, the big divider was still nuclear weapons
White turned his head so he could see the experimenters through the glass divider which separated the chamber from the recording instruments.
the big divider was still nuclear weapons
There is about 1 foot of space between the table and the short divider wall that separates us from the bar.