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divide / делить, разделять, делиться
share, divide, carve, partition, whack, share out
divide, share, separate, split up, partition, share in
share, divide, share out, whack, divvy, whack up
имя существительное
separation, division, divide, partition, segregation, differentiation
watershed, divide, ridge, water parting
divide, sharing, share-out, carve-up
имя существительное
a wide divergence between two groups, typically producing tension or hostility.
there was still a profound cultural divide between the parties
separate or be separated into parts.
consumer magazines can be divided into a number of different categories
disagree or cause to disagree.
the question had divided Frenchmen since the Revolution
find how many times (a number) contains another.
36 divided by 2 equals 18
divide 4 into 20
30 does not divide by 8
To the officials and the sheep men of Sydney, the rivers which flowed inland from the western slopes of the divide were rivers filled with much promise.
The object is to add, subtract, multiply or divide these numbers in order to achieve the value of 24.
But they are a bit like those boundary streets which divide the ‘hot’ places to live from the not-so-hot.
What has gone missing is that this is also that rare American film that seamlessly breaches the divide between the political and the personal, the past and the present.
‘The Map Makers’ is all about the divide between love and hate.
The appearance is dramatic and bold, straddling the divide between classic and modern.
The ridge is a lone ridge, right on the divide , and it drops directly to the desert floor.
the cell clusters began to divide rapidly