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divest / лишать, раздевать, снимать одежду
deprive, lose, bereave, rob, strip, divest
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe, divest
снимать одежду
disarray, lay off, divest, douse
deprive (someone) of power, rights, or possessions.
men are unlikely to be divested of power without a struggle
it appears easier to carry on in the business than to divest
Forms of Christianity that essentially divest the faith of its classical, historical identity do not fare well.
It will, of course, take more than the odd late-season slump to divest Arsenal of their undoubted glamour.
He fears the Goshree bridges would divest the islands of their charm of being aloof and convert them into a thoroughfare.
She was divested of her gold medal minutes after winning the 800 m in the Seoul Asiad for crossing the lane.
Croft got up and went out into the hall where Jeffries divested him of his lounging jacket and helped him into a black frock coat.
He informed the committee that he had divested himself of all outside interests.
But we can't give government the unilateral right to divest us of all our rights.
He established the tabloid Daily Mirror in 1941, but divested himself of all his newspaper interests in 1958.
The slave status divested the kullars of any personality outside the service of the master.