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diversify / разнообразить
diversify, vary, enliven, variegate, intersperse, checker
make or become more diverse or varied.
the trilobites diversified into a great number of species
Similarly, as companies diversify and industry groups broaden, product and market conflicts of interest arise.
Pittsburgh has launched a multitude of programs to diversify the region's economy away from heavy industry into high technology.
Much as Joel has prospered from his ability to play children, he seeks to diversify his roles.
In Asia Pacific companies often diversify successfully into new businesses, which are totally different and considered non-core.
But they also are structured to diversify the company.
they seek to diversify their approach to teaching
new plants will diversify the habitat
The brothers have had to diversify in order to stay in business and do car repairs, services and recoveries.
The implementation of wind farms can create new skilled jobs, as well as helping to diversify economies in rural areas.
Because less than 10 automakers worldwide dominate the industry, suppliers have little opportunity to broadly diversify their customer base.