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divergence / расхождение, дивергенция, отклонение
имя существительное
divergence, discrepancy, variance, contradiction, cleavage, divergency
divergence, divergency
deviation, deflection, rejection, departure, variation, divergence
имя существительное
the process or state of diverging.
the divergence between primates and other groups
the inner product of the operator del and a given vector, which gives a measure of the quantity of flux emanating from any point of the vector field or the rate of loss of mass, heat, etc., from it.
Our example here is technical in nature, but some traders use a P / E ratio or other fundamental factors to measure correlation and divergence .
To cause an unnecessary divergence of public opinion is the most abnormal way to run the administration.
divergence theorem
Next, all divergence times and substitution rates were found by maximum likelihood.
Furthermore, functional and structural divergence might, in some cases, precede rather than follow gene duplication.
The book is filled with countless examples of companies that tried convergence instead of divergence , and were unsuccessful.
Furthermore, there is often a degree of functional divergence between the X- and Y-linked genes.
a fundamental divergence of attitude
The rates of divergence that were simulated are within the range observed in the analyzed data of the 12 families studied.
The result was greater economic divergence , and inflation rates in particular moved wider apart.
a fundamental divergence of attitude