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diver / водолаз, ныряльщик, гагара
имя существительное
diver, frogman, plunger
diver, plunger
loon, diver
имя существительное
a person or animal that dives, in particular.
Another champion diver , the elephant seal can dive more than 1500 meters and stay under for two hours.
an Olympic diver
The novice wreck diver will not be spooked, as no torch is required inside much of this wreckage.
a police diver
a diver at the oil terminal
And a rescue diver in the Coast Guard helicopter offered to take Jefferson, but he declined.
An experienced deep-sea diver from Greater Manchester drowned after running out of air, an inquest was told.
A diver , the Greater Scaup catches its food under water, but eats it on the surface.
A diver visiting from Madrid tells me that in these conditions, Montoya is even better.
The Emperor penguin is an exceptional diver and can stay submerged for 18 minutes and dive as deep as 500 meters.
Certification is the first trial every diver must face.