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dive-bomb / дайв-бомба
bomb (a target) while diving steeply downward in an aircraft.
news that they had dive-bombed a US destroyer
If you wander too close to their nest sites on the moorland, they will dive-bomb and are not afraid to make contact with heads.
Extremely protective, the birds show little hesitation to dive-bomb those who approach too closely, including people.
Take a hat, however - nesting terns will dive-bomb you and peck your head, and they usually draw blood!
She adjusted her helmet and was about to dive-bomb the store when she couldn't spot either Deathtone or the judge.
The night dive here produced more dive-bombing by huge tarpon, feeding on a bait-ball of silversides attracted by our floodlights.
I think the gnat knows I'm writing about him because he just dive-bombed my face.
If World War II inspired George Lucas, it was with dive-bombing fighter planes and aerial dogfights.
Then at 0915 the dive-bombing was renewed before the raiders withdrew at 0945.
But the ship was sunk by Japanese dive-bombers in February 1942.
They will also mob predators in flight, gathering into tight flocks and dive-bombing a hawk or other predator.