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dive / погружение, пикирование, ныряние
имя существительное
immersion, dive, dipping, dip, plunge, sinking
dive, diving, nosedive, souse
diving, dive, plunge, ducky, lunge, duck
dive, plunge, duck, dip, sound
dive, take a header
dive, plunge, dip, sink, submerge, submerse
имя существительное
a plunge head first into water.
he hit the sea in a shallow dive
a steep descent by an aircraft or bird.
the jumbo jet went into a dive
a disreputable nightclub or bar.
he got into a fight in some dive
plunge head first into water.
she walked to the deep end, then she dived in
(of an aircraft or bird) plunge steeply downward through the air.
the aircraft dove for the ground to avoid the attack
имя существительное
a famous female opera singer.
your average opera isn't over till the diva trills her high notes
He sure could enjoy a blues band and a dive bar, but it wasn't in his makeup to look inward for something other than a cause to champion.
McKee pressed the fighter stick forward, sending the craft into a non-afterburning mach-one dive .
Remarkably the referee pointed to the spot, unaware of the new rule change that players who dive get booked.
There's not much to do here but fish, dive , watch the sun sizzle down into the Indian Ocean and to dawdle your bicycle along the island's one path.
She did a perfect swan dive off the diving board into rippling water below her.
I jumped as if to do a cannonball, but then turned into a dive while I was falling.
The bank has data going back over fifty years, but only on one occasion did prices dive during that time.
Part of the share price dive was caused by some confusion as to what profit level the ‘low end of market expectations’ actually was.
You can even dive with sharks at the Aquarium if you are a qualified diver.
In a gliding dive inclined at an angle to the horizontal the bird must keep the wings partly open to provide the lift needed to maintain a constant glide angle.