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ditty / песенка, короткая песенка
имя существительное
короткая песенка
ditty, lay
имя существительное
a short simple song.
a lovely little music-hall ditty
And for younger fans the ‘Great Harwood Blue’ uses a modern rap song for his ditty .
A remake of the lilting Irving Berlin ditty Blue Skies began playing as the lights came up.
Alternatively, enjoy the day by composing a ditty about tonight's guest of honor at the Washington Hilton.
a lovely little music-hall ditty
a lovely little music-hall ditty
Not a word did he speak to the little girl, but began singing a little ditty , an old tune full of light and the sun's laughter.
The red legions sang the old ditty about Paul Scholes scoring goals, which is true again at long last.
They sing the famous ditty , ‘Tom, Tom the piper's son, stole a pig and away he run.’
Despite these efforts to rely on wall-to-wall ditties , psalmodic chant still figures prominently in the Weekday liturgy.
The audience were all ears when the teams crooned ditties from the golden 80s.