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ditch / ров, канава, кювет
имя существительное
moat, ditch, trench, fosse, dyke, dike
ditch, trench, canal, drain, fosse, dike
ditch, entrench, spud, tump
чистить ров
имя существительное
a narrow channel dug in the ground, typically used for drainage alongside a road or the edge of a field.
And there was no drainage ditch on the side.
provide with ditches.
he was praised for ditching the coastal areas
get rid of; give up.
it crossed her mind to ditch her shoes and run
bring (an aircraft) down on water in an emergency.
he was picked up by a frigate after ditching his plane in the Mediterranean
I really hate it when people ditch me without even a phone call.
I mean come on you can't just ditch us because you moved across the country.
The trick is to ensure that the words you speak when you ditch her reveal your true personality at last.
I jumped out and fell into a deep ditch by the side of the road.
We found six species in a single small ditch beside the road to Bull Pond.
Steve was at work and my mother was sleeping, so I could ditch school today.
Why didn't the pilot just head out to sea and ditch the plane so the Chinese wouldn't have gotten a chance to capture it?
it crossed her mind to ditch her shoes and run
He even has a water-filled ditch built around the altar.
How could she just completely ditch me, and for the one person who at that time truly hated me.