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disuse / неупотребление, неупотребительность, выход из употребления
имя существительное
disuse, desuetude
выход из употребления
перестать пользоваться
перестать употреблять
имя существительное
the state of not being used.
the machines fell into disuse with the advent of computers
Now after many years of disuse , it will be a centre celebrating the unique cultural wealth of the Irish and Irish in America.
It remains the case, however, that the term itself has fallen largely into disuse , especially within professional circles.
It's been in disuse for the last few years - war superseded their need for it.
Most of the money is being used for refurbishing properties which have fallen into disrepair and disuse .
It's a notion that has gone into disuse over the last ten or 15 years.
In addition, I have started on some abdominals and have dusted off my ab wheel which was becoming more of a piece of garbage on account of disuse .
The ankle high grass that surrounds the building and the closed doors and windows indicated past and current disuse respectively.
However, the ancient Egyptians, who made good bread themselves, did not abandon barley; and it did not fall into general disuse .
Everything about it breathes disuse : the rusting iron grille in front of the main door, the lack of any sign.
This was all in high school, and years of disuse and neglect have made my Spanish skills rustier than a Gary, Indiana steel mill.