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disturbed / нарушенный, встревоженный, прерванный
имя прилагательное
broken, disturbed, disordered, diseased, haywire
alarmed, anxious, troubled, uptight, disturbed, dismayed
interrupted, intermitted, intercepted, disturbed
имя прилагательное
having had its normal pattern or function disrupted.
disturbed sleep
interfere with the normal arrangement or functioning of.
being sent to jail had apparently not disturbed his cheerfulness
Her angel shook in his sleep, suddenly disturbed .
If the second tablet is taken too close to bedtime, it may cause disturbed sleep.
This time it's child protection workers reporting children suffering suicidal thoughts, depression and disturbed behaviour.
There will always be need for secure accommodation for the most disturbed and disruptive young people.
This aspect of body image is often neglected in the research, but has important implications for therapy with clients with disturbed body image.
An information blackout imposed on the Government's actions was indicative of a disturbed conscience.
Some severely disturbed firesetters engage in self-harm.
Loss of sex-drive and disturbed eating patterns - either loss of appetite or eating too much - are also common.
Obstruction to breathing causes snoring and disturbed sleep patterns.
Internal reliability of the CDI has been demonstrated with both normal and emotionally disturbed children.