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disturbance / нарушение, возмущение, волнение
имя существительное
violation, disturbance, breach, infringement, contravention, offense
disturbance, perturbation, indignation, resentment, rebellion, clamor
excitement, unrest, agitation, emotion, worry, disturbance
имя существительное
the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition.
a helicopter landing can cause disturbance to residents
The installation of this phone booth is definitely creating physical danger and mental disturbance to local as well as visiting pedestrians.
Freedom from disturbance is the condition that causes human happiness, and this is the ethical goal.
The villagers captured one of the hired gunmen and dragged him off to the police station only to be arrested for causing a disturbance .
The militia, it seems, managed to quell the disturbance without too much difficulty.
Police detained them for causing a disturbance , although officers took their petition and passed it on.
After all, we have been accused of causing a public disturbance , disrupting the peace.
A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal following a disturbance in the Ferry Inn, Stromness, on Wednesday afternoon.
In such environments, the legal price that can be exacted for protest increases commensurate with the disturbance and threat that protest produces.
They will fine them and make them pay for the fare and deal with any disturbance .
Try to find a quiet place that has no possibility of disturbance or interruption.