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distrust / недоверие, сомнение, подозрение
имя существительное
mistrust, distrust, disbelief, discredit, unbelief, misfaith
doubt, question, challenge, hesitation, discredit, distrust
suspicion, hunch, distrust, mistrust, surmise, suss
не доверять
distrust, mistrust, doubt, disbelieve, discredit, suspect
doubt, question, distrust, challenge, disbelieve, mistrust
suspect, think, doubt, surmise, mistrust, distrust
имя существительное
the feeling that someone or something cannot be relied on.
his distrust of his mother's new suitor
doubt the honesty or reliability of; regard with suspicion.
like a skillful gambler, Dave distrusted a sure thing
Euphemisms are a quick fix for a debate context, but they breed distrust of even the most benign ideas.
But it reflects the public distrust of the police.
The distrust created in the aftermath of the scandals is still part of the landscape.
his distrust of his mother's new suitor
Many of his poems show an intense distrust for machinery, which is not surprising for poets of that age.
Paradoxically, the distrust is further fuelled by the desertion of an assistant counsel on the team last month.
They reflect an inherent distrust of artistic or intellectual pursuits.
the public's distrust of politicians
Broad masses of the population are alienated from both parties and view their nominees with deep-seated distrust .
Such traditions often express a distrust of the meditative process and warn their adherents against its practice.