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distribution / распределение, распространение, дистрибуция
имя существительное
distribution, allocation, assignment, breakdown, spreading, allotment
propagation, spread, distribution, dissemination, proliferation, spreading
имя существительное
the action of sharing something out among a number of recipients.
she had it printed for distribution among her friends
Our results show how biotic and abiotic effects operate synergistically to determine the distribution of these species.
the distribution of such software is illegal
Whirlpool gets a new distribution channel for its appliances and a cut of the tuition.
The poster measures 19 by 21 inches and is available at various distribution centers.
The wholesalers add value by holding stock and assisting in the distribution process.
they ensured a fair distribution of the food
Air moving within the cloud causes huge differences in the electrical distribution .
These cartels often provided marketing and distribution services for members.
For his claim was a claim about the inevitable sequence of events with that distribution of cards.
she had it printed for distribution among her friends