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distress / бедствие, горе, страдание
имя существительное
disaster, distress, scourge, calamity, evil, affliction
grief, sorrow, woe, distress, misery, trouble
suffering, misery, pain, distress, anguish, heartache
grieve, upset, afflict, distress, pain, depress
worry, rankle, maul, drag, prey, distress
причинять горе
distress, tribulate
имя существительное
extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.
to his distress he saw that she was trembling
cause (someone) anxiety, sorrow, or pain.
I didn't mean to distress you
give (furniture, leather, or clothing) simulated marks of age and wear.
the manner in which leather jackets are industrially distressed
Wasn't the closest port in Indonesia when the ship received a distress call?
Three Kingfisher pilots searching for ships in distress radioed they had spotted life rafts in the stormy Atlantic.
please don't distress yourself
The firm I worked for went through financial distress before lay-offs.
Next, subjects were classified according to relationship distress as measured by the RAT.
W. Toronto changed locks and posted bailiff notice of distress .
Speed had said that ‘when a statute says money ‘shall be levied by distress ,’ that is an execution.’
her fingers flew to her throat in distress
Tasks undertaken have included searches, medical evacuations, and providing aid to ships and boats in distress .
Others, however, suffer great emotional distress associated with a lack of self-confidence and sometimes depression.