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distraught / обезумевший, потерявший рассудок
имя прилагательное
distraught, mad, distracted
потерявший рассудок
имя прилагательное
deeply upset and agitated.
a distraught woman sobbed and screamed for help
Her family have been informed by police and were said to be distraught .
Some of the professors at a local university are distraught over the state of affairs here.
He said floral tributes had been put at the front door to the flat, including one by a girl who seemed quite distraught .
She was left distraught after callous thieves stole the wheelchair from outside her flat in Godric Place.
There was none so I smiled at the distraught gentleman and game him the thumbs up sign.
After looking up my marks on Quest, I was distraught to find they had a slight scar to them.
Matthew's distraught mother, Ann, was offered comfort by the youngsters at the scene.
My parents were distraught and upset by the actions of this person or people.
His distraught wife Lesley had to break the devastating news to the children that their dad would not be coming home.
They were too distraught to talk and appealed to the assembled media to stay away.