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distorted / искаженный, искривленный
имя прилагательное
distorted, perverted, misrepresented, warped, mutilated, corrupt
curved, distorted, crooked, gnarled, gnarly, bowed
имя прилагательное
pulled or twisted out of shape; contorted.
Then he took a few steps in her direction, his face distorted with rage.
giving a misleading or false account or impression; misrepresented.
his report gives a distorted view of the meeting
affected by electrical distortion.
distorted guitars
pull or twist out of shape.
a grimace distorted her fine mouth
give a misleading or false account or impression of.
many factors can distort the results
change the form of (an electrical signal or sound wave) during transmission, amplification, or other processing.
you're distorting the sound by overdriving the amp
Loci showing distorted transmission ratios were widespread.
Three mailings have attacked - at times distorted - her voting record.
The resulting picture is stunted, distorted .
A soundtrack of distorted modem tones, composed by Hendee, recalled synthesized howling wind.
By the end, the dialogue has become elliptical and drowned by distorted sound.
They always sounded trebly and distorted and they never turned down.
The encounters happened, each race finding in the other little more than a distorted reflection of itself.
The U.S. economy is in the midst of a distorted boom, with an increasingly ingrained inflationary bias.
A distorted picture of events is helping to produce correspondingly distorted policies, particularly in Europe.
Simone de Beauvoir brought to our knowledge the recognition of the distorted situation of women.