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distort / искажать, извращать, передергивать
distort, misrepresent, deform, twist, corrupt, skew
pervert, distort, skew, warp, sophisticate
distort, juggle with, check
pull or twist out of shape.
a grimace distorted her fine mouth
give a misleading or false account or impression of.
many factors can distort the results
change the form of (an electrical signal or sound wave) during transmission, amplification, or other processing.
you're distorting the sound by overdriving the amp
By taking this stand they are choosing to deliberately distort my views.
The transmission would distort her voice past recognition for the moment.
A few seconds into the flight, the fins appear to warp and distort .
The developed world should be serious about removing subsidies which distort trade and which damage the environment.
many factors can distort the results
These air pockets can distort the sound waves and produce an unclear image.
However, these disposals slightly distort the picture.
Don't grip the huss too hard as this makes them twist and distort even more.
The nature of adulation does not distort his impression of reality.
The only fix is to silence the equipment, or to actively distort its signal emanations.