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distinguish / различать, отличать, выделить
distinguish, differ, discern, differentiate, discriminate, perceive
differ, distinguish, differentiate, difference, discern, discriminate
distinguish, pick out
имя прилагательное
significant, great, considerable, large, substantial, distinguish
recognize or treat (someone or something) as different.
the child is perfectly capable of distinguishing reality from fantasy
To his credit, Hornby manages to distinguish the four voices well.
Likewise, the ability to distinguish between certain sounds such as sss, sshh or zz diminishes from the time we reach our thirties.
The software is also speed-sensitive, so it can distinguish the different conditions in city driving and faster roads or motorways.
Unfortunately, we currently know of no way to distinguish between these possibilities.
Matthew looked around the room, trying to distinguish just what was going on.
However, I can easily distinguish the difference between my opinions and the immensity of my ego.
She couldn't distinguish which one it was.
My whole mind whirled around me, thinking so many thoughts that I couldn't distinguish anything intelligible.
He was the first to identify the brain as the seat of understanding and to distinguish understanding from perception.
Of course, from the distance it was impossible to distinguish who was who.