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distinctive / отличительный, характерный, особый
имя прилагательное
distinctive, distinguishing, differential, discriminating, discriminative, discriminatory
characteristic, specific, distinctive, peculiar, representative, racy
special, particular, specific, distinct, exclusive, distinctive
original, distinctive
имя прилагательное
characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others.
juniper berries give gin its distinctive flavor
Levine is an independent figure, standing apart from groups and movements, and his work is highly distinctive .
Indeed, one of the most distinctive features was the fresh, unsullied cuisine.
The Philharmonic Hall itself has a very distinctive style.
The Saudis have in a very short while come up with their own highly distinctive style of management.
But none of them has made a record as distinctive as Boy in Da Corner.
She has her own very distinctive style and the audience have really taken to her.
If you don't have something distinctive to say, don't bother!
The parables are one of the most distinctive features of the teaching of Jesus.
Some have distinctive markings on their heads and on their carapace, or upper shell.
All the studied species have diagnostic alleles in addition to morphologically distinctive characters.