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distillery / винокуренный завод, перегонный завод, установка для перегонки
имя существительное
винокуренный завод
distillery, still
перегонный завод
установка для перегонки
имя существительное
a place where liquor is manufactured.
the world's oldest whiskey distillery
Every distillery has a still that is unique in shape, its contours imbuing each single malt with its particular, individual taste.
Scotland's southernmost malt distillery
Take the time, if you're passing the distillery , to go in for the tour.
It wasn't just the creamery, the local distillery had also closed down.
You may learn how she won a whiskey distillery in a high-stakes poker game.
the world's oldest whiskey distillery
On July 6th they will visit the whiskey distillery in Midleton and travel onwards to Cork for a spot of shopping.
He'd burn down his distillery before he'd stick out his foot and trip you.
It invites a dozen or more distilleries to come in and take over the patio for a day.
The Eighteenth Amendment forced all breweries and distilleries to stop making beer and spirits.