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distiller / дистиллятор, опреснитель, винокур
имя существительное
distiller, still
имя существительное
a person or company that manufactures liquor.
barrels that the master distiller deems to be of superior quality
barrels that the master distiller deems to be of superior quality
The distiller 's small batch collection also conducts bourbon tastings across the country.
Another includes three styles from the same distiller .
The distiller recommends only drinking the 180 proof poteen with mixers.
Down one flight of stairs, in the tiny Green Room, the master distiller of the Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery is giving a master-class tasting.
Also on the schedule are visits to olive oil makers, a smoked salmon firm and a pisco distiller .
a family-owned whisky distiller
So sure were distillers of this, that they pursued legal protection of the term ‘tequila.’
By the mid-1700s, Parliament passed laws eliminating small gin makers, leaving production to big distillers .
Regional differences have been broadly emphasized in the past by distillers , but as a marketing tool, the story has already been told.