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distillate / дистиллят, продукт перегонки, погон
имя существительное
продукт перегонки
shoulder strap, distillate, strap, run, shoulder loop
surpass, distill, distil, ferry, outdistance, distillate
имя существительное
something formed by distilling.
petroleum distillates
natural gas mixed with distillate
While kerosene was more plentiful than gasoline, it was also a distillate from petroleum and presented the same problem of finite supply.
Mineral spirits, a petroleum distillate fraction, is the most common solvent in oil-based paints.
If the distillate is higher than 80% it is considered a corn whiskey.
This spirit, a distillate of grapes somewhat similar to Italy's grappa, is the eponymous ingredient in the Pisco Sour cocktail.
Smaller producers sell unwanted grapes and wine to a local distillery; if the distillate is not of sufficient quality it will be used for industrial alcohol.
The steam then extracts the aromatic oils (volatile oils) and the distillate is collected.
natural gas mixed with distillate
A popular solvent is mineral spirits, a petroleum distillate composed of aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Several cider makers are now producing an apple distillate .